Formidio ToolsPowerful tools tailored for every business need.

Forming Your Future requires tools that are completely adaptable to every business, regardless of industry or circumstance. With great efficacy and efficiency, these tools transition your business from Current State to Future State.

Proprietary tools for Forming Your Future:

  • The 6 P’s (proprietary): Purpose, Perspective, Planning, People, Process, and Progress to achieve FYF.
  • Vision Verification (proprietary): verifying your vision that drives your values, objectives, and actions to fuel FYF.
  • Scenario Science (proprietary): anticipate, plan, and monitor differing scenarios your may encounter for each FYF.
  • Survey Selection (proprietary): multi-perspective view and survey to explore differing options for buy-in and accountability for FYF.
  • Arrangement Action (proprietary): coordinate, experiment, and arrange the actions needed to achieve FYF.
  • Variable Valuation (proprietary): every variable is assigned a valued to quantify and qualify their impact on FYF.
  • Business/Individual Symbiosis (proprietary): perpetually align Business and Individual interest, goals, and beliefs to support FYF.
  • Alignment Alchemy (proprietary): using every available resource your business has to create the framework for FYF.
  • Growth & Growing (proprietary): as your business experiences growth in FYF, it yields new growing opportunities to fuel FYF.

Additional tools:

  • Root cause
  • Business Process Management
  • 5 Why’s
  • Lean / Agile / Waterfall
  • Six Sigma
  • 360 Reviews
  • Myers-Briggs

These are a selection of the tools we utilize to provide a tailored solution for any of your business needs.

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