Improve the way business works

Formidio - Improve the Way Business WorksBusiness needs to evolve.
Since the Industrial Revolution, the way business works has remained largely unchanged: a voluntary, role-based exchange of compensation for performance between the business and the individual. The need was simple: a ready and specialized workforce that could fuel economic growth. This structure persists today due to a number of factors, namely tradition, simplicity, and a lack of alternatives. 
But there’s a problem: we use the same model for every business objective, industry, or circumstance. With the world of business becoming more complex, volatile, and punishing this yields many penalties for business: underperformance, inefficien cies, dysfunction, misalignment, lack of vision, poor execution, high turnover, low engagement, to name a few.
Formidio Inc., an innovative strategy, consulting, and coaching practice was created to improve the way business works by evolving the way business works. This evolution exchanges a dated, static, simplistic model with a modern, fluid, and deeper model that rethinks business and what it represents.
The solution is a new model is constructed for every desired outcome you want. Working backwards, your entire business is engaged to determine and construct the required model (structure, workflows, motivations, systems, etc.).  Business change is needed for your business to achieve what you want, when you want it.
It is called Forming Your Future.