Formidio-IdentifyThe Identify Phase of Forming Your Future is to define the what and why you want to fulfill the potential of your business.

This creates a dichotomy in your business between now (Current State) and your potential (Future State).

The Current State often represents a simplistic, superficial understanding of your business. If you do not clearly identify this, your business will quickly become a commodity that will struggle and scramble.

The Future State is more robust, rooted in the mission, purpose, and value of your business driven by the what and why. When fully aligned within every aspect of your business, the what and why is the fuel that makes this happen.

The Identify Phase defines the stages to reach your potential. This creates an equation, of sorts, where every variable can be clearly defined, evaluated, and adjusted to march to your potential. Our tools remove the inherent and persistent resistance to change facing many businesses to achieve their potential.

This is the first step in Forming Your Future. The next is the Design Phase.