Discovering Opportunities

It is not luck, it is planned deliberate action.

Formidio - Discovering OpportunitiesDiscovering Opportunities requires positioning the Future State of your business at the intersection of an external need with an internal capability that are aligned or in support of Forming Your Future.

Opportunities, by their very nature, are future events that have yet to occur. Many businesses struggle with opportunities because they are abstract, an unseen and immeasurable future event. But they are an absolutely critical element in your business’ evolution.

As your business progresses through Forming Your Future, continually increasing results and solving challenges, a significant transformation occurs: your internal beliefs, perspectives, and capabilities shift dramatically.

This shift represents the beginning of the evolution in your business. Altering your DNA removes the barriers, limitations, and blinders most businesses place on themselves that inhibit what is possible, namely, discovering opportunities.

Opportunities fall into two categories: those you seize or those you attract.

Although different, their relationship is symbiotic in nature. As your business seizes more opportunities, your beliefs, perspectives, and capabilities continue to expand changing the external perception of your business in the marketplace. Over time, this separates your business from your competition, attracting new opportunities that further expand the beliefs, perspectives, and capabilities of your business.

Your business is no longer a commodity. You no longer compete. You continually evolve to achieve what you want, when you want it.

This is how your business wins.