Formidio - DesignThe Design Phase of Forming Your Future is the planning and creation of your Future State.

In Identify Phase, we have defined two states: Current and Future, and their respective equations and variables that encapsulate every aspect of your business.

These states must be broken down into manageable, measurable, and digestible components that provide a deeper understanding of the requirements, dependencies, and limitations in both sets of equations and variables. In this forward-looking process, every single person on every single level must be fully engaged to provide the invaluable introspective and retrospective perspectives needed to achieve Future State.

Equations are comprised of variables that must explain your Current State and plans your Future State in order to bridge the two: belief, action, value, market, internal, external, physical, non-physical, individual and organizational. Formidio Inc.’s powerful tools identify the variables driving current and future state of your business.

Make no mistake these variables run deep, permeating every level, and must be aligned for the future satisfactory results to be achieved. Not only structure, processes, and systems, but the people that carry out their tasks along with their roles, attitudes, and beliefs to achieve the future satisfactory result.

The ability to execute yields the ultimate test of success or failure.