Formidio - CoachingFor any meaningful, sustainable business change to take place, every aspect of the business must change. Whether this is a process, system, or even change to your vision, people are ultimately responsible for this implementation.
This can often prove challenging, as changing humans behavior is difficult. The difficulty lies in the simplistic, misaligned, and commoditized relationship between the business and the individual. This relationship exchanges performance for compensation and has limitations due its correlative nature.
Forming Your Future requires a redefinition of this relationship. Formidio Coaching makes this happen.
As your Current and Future State are broken down into equations and variables, the requirements of the each individual in your business are clearly defined. For each tier, individual and group sessions are targeted to remove the negative influences and replace them with the ones that are necessary to achieve your Future State. With completely aligned milestones between your business and your people, this incremental process ensures measurability, accountability, and sustainability.
As your business grows, Formidio Coaching partners with your business to continually expand Forming Your Future and your corresponding Future States. This creates a roadmap for your business that is complete, transparent, and mutually beneficial for both your business and your people.