Business Change

Formidio - Business ChangeBusinesses change is experienced in one of two ways: initiated or forced. Either your business is an agent of change or a victim of it. Bad companies don’t change, the average resist change, and the exceptional embrace change to advance their vision, beliefs, and purpose.

To be exceptional, your business must understand and navigate the ‘change curve’: the required adjustments, at the proper time, to either achieve either an objective or address a circumstance. Not only is the change curve different for every objective or circumstance, they continually challenge your business to adapt quickly and accurately to ensure success and avoid failure.

Navigating the change curve is tricky: too quick and you miss the opportunity and burnout your people; too slow and you miss the opportunity and frustrate your people. The key is to have a phased approach with a tailored strategy, execution, and feedback loop process for each objective or circumstance. Each change curve is unique, so the process for your business to navigate it must be unique too.

Formidio Inc. works with your business to first understand the objective or circumstance affecting your business, then the change curve required. Our approach uncovers and addresses any biases, dysfunction, or other barriers to achieving. This process challenges your business to identify the true motivation for the objective and the root cause of the circumstance. By engaging every level and every aspect of your business, this addresses the change curve faster with multiple inputs and perspectives.

This top-down, 360 degree approach moves your business from the current state through the change curve to the future state. The efficiency is that the change curve is seamlessly addressed on both an organizational and individual level. This is the starting point of “Forming Your Future” – the belief that you are in control of the future of your business.